Things you can do with HTML5

This is cool. Transform and project a video onto a real 3d grid. This looks as you can easily reproduce this on your own site.
Directory with sources (plus look at the source code of above’s website):

Presentations as audio + video + slides
This project looks promising, reminds me of lecturnity and its beginnings

Video as canvas
Imagine the HTML5 as a canvas where you can draw things on. The following blog lists some interesting things like the JavaScript audio synthesis. I wish to see e.g. mathematical graphs being plotted into a video according to a LaTeX math formula.

Instant on-the-fly green screening
Just have a look at the source code of the page – you’ll get it quickly

HTML5 <audio>
Audio drumkit made with HTML5 – even I could built something that sounds, hmm, not too bad:…

HTML5 at it’s current best state
Technically very interesting and nice interface design
A wikipedia which is based on video – try this, it’s fun!

And the framework for this:
explains in an exciting post about annotations in HTML5. Note the links in the post to popcorn.js framework.

The background of popcorn is the Mozilla-project


General links