De-construction: Blogsoftware and useful components

This blog is run by wordpress (multisite installation), there’s also buddypress running.

Some posts are simply filled by Hungryfeed, populating the post with an RSS feed’s content (Inline RSS feed plugin for WordPress).
Very useful for dynamically putting together RSS feeds: Yahoo.Pipes provides a useful interface and makes it quite easy to put things together. The documetation is rather bad and needs enhancement. Did you know that Pipes exists since 2005.

WiKi plugin for using and re-formatting WiKi code (MediaWiki Markup for WordPress). Very useful for this is OpenOffice’s extension to export a structured text as WiKi code. A .txt file will be produced and its content can simlpy be copied and pasted into the post. Please note that some WP code conflicts with WiKi code. In order to avoid conflicts use <nowiki>around</nowiki> the resp text. (In order to get this code-style, you need to htmlencode the characters e.g. at