One event per decade changing the world

Isn’t it astonishing that, in recent history, we are whitnessing one major event or process in each decade that changes the world and the way we percieve our culture:

1960s: the student movement in the 1960s changed our culture dramatically, not quiet ad hoc, but compared to 2011 we could not imagine to live without the gains of the hippies and APO-movement.

1970s: oil crisis, RAF, ‘German autumn’

1980: Tschernobyl in 1984: Risk society (Beck, Ulrich: Risikogesellschaft)

1990s: Change of eastern countries, German reunion in 1990: Schulze, Gerhard: Erlebnisgesellschaft

During the 1990s: popular cultures

2001: 9/11 Rise of the network society, new era of risk society, .com crisis (which actually culminated in 2008)

2011: #Egypt: Maybe we are now whitnessing the start of the change of the Arab world.

2021: Change of the asian and especially the Chinese world.

What about changes in Latin America or even in the US?

I’m not sure if my statement is correct, but it’s astonishing that in almost every decade certain ruptures take place hat seem to settle then afterwards and even Sociology reacts to these ruptures by delivering the according books and theories afterwards.