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Visualisations of text


The question here is, how to visualise great amounts of text, text as data or non-prose text. One of the current good practices is to build tag clouds like the one in the top image of this page. The principle of tag clouds is to order words according to their …


Drawing with HTML5 canvas: New ways of visualisations

HTML5 now uses the element <canvas> which allows the instant creation of SVG-like graphics. The contents of the <canvas> element may be manipulated by javascript at any time. This implies a whole set of new opportunities. General explanations, tutorials and definitions for <canvas> A …


Things you can do with HTML5

projective-video This is cool. Transform and project a video onto a real 3d grid. This looks as you can easily reproduce this on your own site. Sample: Directory with sources (plus look at the source code of above’s website): Presentations as audio + video + slides This project …